you know what else has a hole in the middle of it?

Such has been my experience as well and, no doubt, many of yours as well.
What can we do about this? Ideas?

this great ape

Dear TG Ape:

{Health Insurance Company [Money-Grubbing Wankers, Inc.]}’s pharmacy benefit manager continually review* medicines, products, and prices, to make sure the drugs that work well and are cost-effective become part of your prescription drug benefit [figure out if there’s anything we can avoid paying for]. As part of this effort, there are changes [we’ve cut some things from the list] that could [will] affect your current drug choices [needs].

As of July 1, 2015, your current drug(s) listed below will require a medical necessity prior to authorization in order to be covered by your prescription drug benefit. You will pay the full cost of the prescription without an approved medical necessity prior authorization…

*improper grammar copied directly from original letter

You know, this may not require any special TGA sauce (not withstanding a bit of paraphrasing) to show it for the steaming pile of poo that it is. But I haven’t had a good…

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