Never give up

So easy for another to say, “Never give up.”  Not so easy to do for someone who wakes up each morning in pain knowing that it will likely be with them the whole day.  I know what that feels like for such has been my life for many years.  Yet, and I feel that I must tell each person in pain wether it be physical or mental or emotional, never, ever, ever give up.

Tip:  Do something different especially on the really bad days even if it’s as minor as putting on your pants before your socks or vis versa.  Yes, I know it sounds stupidly simple but try it anyway.  No doubt you will come up with many more ideas.  Let me know what you did.

   Quote via Love Life And Life Will Love You Back                                                   “There is one simple rule for success that we need to learn to try just one more time in a different way before we decide to quit.”

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