Junk in the Trunk

Still recovering here and can’t type much but I had a thought I wanted to pass along today.  There is no greater block to feeling healthy and joyful as that trunk we drag behind us everyday filled with: resentments, should haves, grudges, jealousies, what ifs, negative self judgements, and old or recent hurts no matter how painful and deep.  (No doubt you know of a few more items that are stuffed back there as well.)

It’s time to drop the rope.  So much of that cargo is habit and we don’t even realize we still carry it. And, yes, it is especially hard to let go of the hurts that to this day can bring us too tears.  But none of those things are helping us.  They make our feet stumble, cloud our vision, and choke off our breath.

Decide today to leave that old trunk behind.

As Louise Smith said in plain-spoken fashion, “You can’t reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday’s junk.”

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2 Responses to Junk in the Trunk

  1. I hope your recovery is going well. You are frequently in my thoughts. Yes to living life unencumbered. The most difficult thing to let go of are the remembered hurts one has inflicted on others.

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