Each Breath

This message really grabbed me so I felt that it was my responsibility to share it with you.

“Your next breath is your most important breath. Take it. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here. That’s really living now. Each breath lifts you to a new level. From that new level, as you watch your next breath, you can slip away from everything extraneous to you. Then it becomes so joyful to take that next breath. You realize that the breath keeps the body going so that the Soul can reside in this temple and express on this level to all other manifestations of the Beloved.”

– John-Roger
(From: Living the Spiritual Principles of Health and Well-Being by John-Roger, DSS with Paul Kaye, p. 184) via Cynthia Occelli

Please, don’t let the spiritual reference distract from the message if that part does not resonate with you.  Just be aware that your next breath, and every breath after that, brings you to now and now and now.   Now … always the most precious moment of your life.                                                

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