impossibilities, and the glory of the mundane

This writer had a unique gift for telling it like it is.
“For most people with disabilities, the simple fact that they can function nearly as well as people without them is what is truly amazing.”

this great ape

At the end of each physical therapy session, I get ice and electric stimulation on my shoulder. I lie on my back on one of the tables with my knees bent and my head propped up, and they have posters on the wall for people to look at, posters that I’m sure they perceive as being helpful, if they think about them at all.

Like this one:


If you can’t read it, it says (I have it memorized), “Life’s only limitations are those we make.”

Please.  Life is full of limitations that we didn’t make for ourselves, and carrying a surfboard in the early morning sun has absolutely nothing to do with either the sentiment or its patent ridiculousness.  Not to mention that for me, the picture, of someone with two normal, perfect shoulders, is almost as upsetting as the sentiment.

Today in the Post, there is yet another feel-good…

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