Sometimes no matter what kind of pain we are experiencing, nothing seems to be working to alleviate our suffering.  Doctors and other health professionals are not getting the job done.  Though we may be following every directive given to us by our doctors, psychotherapists, physical therapists, etc., and even while we are also praying, meditating and doing everything we can think of to help ourselves, we remain stuck, hurting, and feeling hopeless.

At such times I’ve found that adding something new can provide a respite and some desperately needed hope while we wait for the medical and self-care above to “click in.”   At the bottom of this post are some resources that may help you.

Caution: these are not a substitute for the medical care you are receiving so do NOT discontinue seeing your health care team.

Regarding the suggestions below, choose which ever speak to your heart. I’ve had many people suggest far too many therapies that didn’t work and had I listened to my inner voice, I would never have tried them.  But there were  horrid  days when I was so desperate that I grabbed whatever was offered without taking a moment to check in with the Being who knew better than anyone else what was best for me … Myself.

Though you may not trust that you know what is good for you, try to remember a time when you met someone or were faced with a situation where  you got that “uh-oh” feeling.  I usually feel it in my stomach … thus the term, “gut feeling.”  I’ve heard that others feel it in the middle of the chest and sometimes in throat.  However,  if you find that this notion makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t let it keep you from trying the offerings below.  None of them will hurt you so don’t worry about making a “mistake.”

All of these are low-cost or free and, best of all, you don’t have to leave the chair or bed where you find yourself this minute.

The Distance Healing Network:

The World Service Institute’s Unlovingness Petition: (The WSI has a variety of healing  programs)

Beyond Affirmations:                             (I highly recommend the offerings here.)

Massage by Heather:           (Excellent videos on self massage and massage with a partner or friend.)

Tara Brach:       [Especially helpful for those of us (me) who find meditating impossible and these are all free!]

There are many more resources out there, but I offer these because I’ve used all of them myself.  If you’ve found something that has helped you during a desperate time, please, share your experiences.  I know that I speak for thousands when I say,  “I need all the help I can get.”

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