Meditate? Me???

Though I find meditating very, very, very difficult, I’ve decided that I need to make it a daily priority after many years of countless false starts.  Sometimes I can manage only five minutes during a particularly busy day.  Then there are those days when the pain level is inching up toward “10” so that shutting out all distraction is a scary move at best. That’s when a longer period is impossible …. well, at least for me at this early stage.  But five minutes helps me maintain a daily practice.   I don’t know about you but if I skip one day that makes it so much easier to skip the next and down we go.

A website, “Positively Positive” contains practical articles on a variety of issues that we all face in our daily lives.  Just today I found one that explains, in blessedly simple terms, the science behind how and why meditation works.  It also provides an accessible meditation for everyone, even those who have never tried or have given up after too many failures.

Here’s the link:

If clicking on the above doesn’t work try the copy and paste method.  And if that doesn’t get you there go to:                                                          If the article doesn’t show up go to the search feature along the right side of the page.  Type in: Ashley Turner How and Why Meditation Works.

As with many things worth doing,  meditation takes regular practice and commitment.  There are days when my mind hops from topic to topic,  or keeps pulling me back to some current troubling issue.  At other times I just doze off.  You may well experience all of these and more but don’t be discouraged. It’s all okay.

That you are making the effort is all that is necessary.  Everyone is different and every day is different. Keep at it.  There have been days when after a ten minute meditation I feel more refreshed than if I had taken a good nap.  Let’s do this together.  I’ll tell you how I’m getting along.  Let me know how it goes for you.

In the previous blog, “HELP!”,  I listed among other things a couple of meditation sites.  One more time ….

Beyond Affirmations: (my favorite)

Tara Brach:

And a new one: The Chopra Center Meditation Library:

Quote for today: “Even masters had to take the first step, so can you.”  — Remez Sasson

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5 Responses to Meditate? Me???

  1. scathach21 says:

    Great post, Chris. Have you tried the Orin Daben meditations? They can zone me right out of here sometimes. Let me know if you’d like the link. Barbara x

  2. scathach21 says:

    Thank you for writing a great blog. You can find the meditations here I think.

  3. John Cali says:

    Hi Chris,
    I’ve been meditating for years. But I agree with you — it can be tough getting started, especially in our modern world which has more distractions than ever. As you said, it takes practice and commitment. But, in my opinion, the many benefits make it worthwhile.

    Love, John

    • christellsit says:

      Thank you for the kind response. I find that the option of doing shorter meditations helps to keep me going. Question: Can you give me some direction on how I can reach more people with the blog?
      Love, Chris~

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